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Our government 13 features dynamic duos

Larger 13 features dynamic duos, historic and new houseguests

In a new twirl, the latest batch of cbs's your government houseguests will face off against"Variable duos"Former contestants on the search for another chance.

On friday june 30, 2011, cbs officially released the identities of the 8 new houseguests who will compete in your government 13.

Eight houseguests is an unusually few contestants, essential, luckily twist this season:To be able to buddytv, host julie chen told et nova scotia that"Dynamic duos from the past will have newer and interesting.Role this season, a cbs website issued on june 30th confirmed what had been speculated already by numerous fan sites:That former contestants would be going back to the game.All those past houseguests, re entering the deals on air jordan game play as pairs, will be announced this show's season premiere on july 7th.

Meantime, the 8 new houseguests of bigger 13, from a to z, are perhaps:

Adam poch, a 39 year old music inventory manager from nj-New jersey.Here"Born director"Says he will concern yourself the things he can control, and will deal with the matters he can't.

Cassi colvin, a 26 yr old texas native, now doing its job a model in nashville.This exotic beauty claims that she will play equally she lives be as sweet and kind to everyone as possible, all the while bearing in mind it's a game for a half million dollars.

Dominic briones, a 25 year old university student from san francisco state university.He says he is hot for bb11's jeff schroeder, but didn't like jessie godderz as they was too cocky.Involving"Impressive, ambitious"Woman claims that the most challenging part of big brother will be living without the modern technologies, like her cell phone and ipod, that she is endlaved by.

Keith henderson, a 32 years old human resource manager from illinois.This self claimed"Kiss and lick ass"Claims that nothing about big brother will be near on impossible since he works with people everyday at his job.

Lawon exum, a 39 years old legal file clerk, also from the state of il, but now requires you're going to the la area.Lawon's biggest fulfillment is losing over 50 pounds and keeping the weight off for the last 15 years.

Audi briggs, a 23 yr old vip cocktail waitress from florida.This self reported"Bitch"Admires past bb11 houseguest natalie martinez, but regrets that natalie had the methodology dinam shoes to lie to everyone in the house before she did.She also claims that it will be hard to live without her dog for ninety days.

Shelly moore, the older new houseguest at 41.This lover, mom, and outdoor industry executive brings her occurrences as a caregiver, head, and team builder to the your government house.Shelly admits that dealing with dirty people and people who snore would be near on impossible.

The returning dynamic duoswhile the exact identities of the returning houseguests isn't confirmed, the cbs web site teases the examples below pairs as eligible to return:

Brendon and moreover rachel(Named"Brenchel"By blowers), Engaged Air Jordan 1 For Sale couple who met and fell in love on larger 12.

Doctor.May and mike boogie("Chilltown"), Chums and allies from BB2 and BB7.Mike boogie was the winner of the all star edition of your government.

Jeff and the nike jordans("Jordeff"), Dating couple who met on Big Brother 11 and later competed together on CBS's the spectacular Race 16.Jordan was the victor of bb11.

Jessie and as well natalie, friends and allies from government 11.Jessie had previously competed on government 10.

Cock and daniele, father and daughter who both competed on bigger 8.Even though they were estranged prior to bb8, the pair became allies and grew closer on the the homepage here program, eventually becoming the final two participants.Dick was crowned the receiver of bb8.

Hayden not to mention enzo, contacts and allies in bb12's"Brigade"Connections.Hayden made to be the winner of bb12.Enzo was third set up.

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