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Consumer bank on fees

Consumer groups have blasted banks for high fees in an era of record profits.Much of the recent criticism has focused on atm fees.But the volume banks collect in bounced check fees dwarfs their income from the new atm surcharge.

Bounced checks bring in big bucks:$120 million in fees for Minnesota banks two prohibited, And nearly $130 million yr after, Based on a market average for 1995.Those figures may come as a question, because most individuals don't bounce checks.But these do tend to bounce a lot of checks.

Clancy bounces a lot of checks 16 yr after.She says they're the effect of a tight budget and miscalculations, like a rent check clearing yesterday her paycheck is deposited.Clancy is a single parent who earned about $16, 000 yr after.She has pawned properties to cover bounced check fees, and gone to the food shelf to never pay more.

Clancy says she has learned her bank, norwest, wants to dissuade customers from overdrawing their accounts, but she says the $21 fee is outrageous.

Clancy:If for the air conditioning be writing checks, and you do not know whether you have your money in the account, that's something you should not do.You could get arrested for it.Nevertheless, $20!If i had $20 in my pocket instantly, i'd feel o.K, that's big money for me.It's a lot of money for anybody who's scheming to make it with kids, and attempting to obtain to work and keep the car running.I think they should just be a little more affordable.

Even though norwest waived many of the fees, clancy still paid nearly $300 in bounced check charges yr after.

The cost of bouncing checks has risen in the last a number of years, periodically, radically.Approximately 1991 and 1995, norwest's bounced check fee rose at twice the rate of rising cost of living.Using $21, it's now slightly higher than the nation's average for large banks.

Tcf says banks in other states charge higher fees, http://www.dinam.us/ and apart, customers who object can go to the next bank.Norwest says customers who complain about the fee will most likely offered the overdraft protection plan, a service that writes instantaneously loan to cover a check.

But critics conisder that banks like customers such as kate clancy who often overdraw their accounts, but pay the costs.Clancy says despite 16 bounced checks she was never offered overdraft product.With each $21 fee chews up her income, raising the odds she'll bounce more checks and pay higher cost.

Clancy:And it is exactly what bothers me the most, because every time i think i am going to have a surplus in my account, this occurs.And freezing, i never get outside the hole.

Cut:Excuse the word, she's daft.

Jack whittle is a country wide known bank consultant who urged banks to raise bounced check fees.He argued customers wouldn't revolt because anyone who writes a bad check expects to be punished for it.Bankers say customers can easily avoid the fee by writing checks only when they can pay for in the account.Whittle says kate clancy has no one guilty but herself.

Cut:She shouldn't have a bank savings account.A bank savings account is not for the poor, the actual indigent, and folks.It can take a certain discipline.You have got to add, take away, put in writing things, keep registers, for example.

Though whittle criticizes that complain about bounced check fees, he says i believe question they're a profit center.

Cut:Wow, it's the most successful product they got, in fewer banks.

The banking trade press spread the word in the late 1980s and early 1990s that people who don't put on the money to cover a check paradoxically are worth a lot of money in fees.One article ran it is in the title,"Bounced checks boost earns, it allowed bankers not to shun customers who bounce checks, but to realize how lucrative they can be.The article even detailed ways to make customers bounce more checks. "Nsf fees are a income source that's yours for the taking, your idea trumpeted.The article does not mention that bounced checks are so profitable because the cost of processing them is a tiny part of the fees they bring in.

Larson:One of a lot of things i took from it is that it takes only 20 to 30 seconds to process a check.

Leif larson spent a summer accepting bounced checks for a large minnesota bank.

Larson:It's a completely standardised process.There's not any special care or handling that goes into it, in many instances.I just kind of came out with just one feeling http://www.dinam.us/nike-basketball-shoes.html that i had going in:That this can be an profit center for the bank.It's a place for them to earn money.

Guards:I found the banks are gaining profits of $3 billion a year on bounced checks.

Janice shields is a consumer rights advocate with the ralph nader included institute for business research, and Air Jordan 10 For Sale a thorn in the medial side of the banking industry.

The markup can be 500 to 600% or even more, based on shields' research.The minnesota bankers organisation says the average bounced check fee in minnesota is around $16, slightly less than the nation's average reported by the federal reserve.Nearly one fifth of the state banks charge $20 or more.Shields found accepting a bounced check costs less than $3.And virginia mcguire with the american bankers association does not dispute that computation.

Mcguire:That's quite likely close, but i think it's immaterial, given that this is a penalty fee that bank is trying to discourage you.It is definitely not real closely tied to the cost, because which is not the intent.

Even some critics of bank policies don't bounced checks are a hazard for banks.Dealing with these people can be a costly chore, and each one confronts the bank with unpleasant options:Let the check bounce and aggravate litigant or cover the check at the bank's own risk.

In line with the federal reserve, check deception cost banks, unsecured debt unions, and savings colleges an estimated $615 million in 1995.The nation's retail federation says merchants lose even more over $1 billion a year.Judy cook of the minnesota retail merchants association says high bounced check fees are an important weapon in fighting against bad checks.

Put together:It's designed those of you that just really don't think of this as a problem to write a check and not have the money they'll pay somebody back sometime.And if there's a high cost in that, they may think twice before they do that.

But critics say the bounced check fee is far more appropriate at generating bank profits than preventing bad checks.The available studies suggest the income from bounced check fees for banks alone is enough to cover the entire industry's losses from check fraud 11 times over.Janice shields with the commence for business research says industry surveys show raising fees does not push down the incidence of check bouncing.Jordan ash of the group minnesota acorn says there's an obvious reason:People i've talked to who bounce checks don't mean to;It's a car accident

Minnesota acorn has hounded norwest co with protests over its fee policies, saying they amount to splendour against low and moderate income customers a charge the bank strenuously denies.Acorn says bounced check fees are the most egregious due to reasons:Health benefits mark up, the burden they place on people almost definitely to bounce checks, and because the bank's credit policies put overdraft protection out of reach for many folks.

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